Customer experience study deepens cooperation in building the world’s most intelligent hospital

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Siemens provides intelligent building technology as they partner up with OYS in a massive hospital building project. The goal is to gradually build the world’s most intelligent hospital in 2021–2030. Intelligent technology enables optimal efficiency and workflow, which in turn creates higher patient satisfaction and better medical results. Funnel helped both partners identify teamwork areas crucial for combining optimal competence and utility in order to reach their combined goal. 

Siemens is extremely experienced in utilizing digital solutions in estate management. Oulu University Hospital OYS provides specialized health care for the whole of Northern Finland. Thus the new hospital is a crucially important project to ensure the vitality of OYS in the future. Patients and staff need an effectively functioning environment and using digital solutions and smart technology throughout the building process is a key element providing that. 


Ville Stenius, Head business manager, Siemens

Tomi Aikiola, Head of Siemens’ hospital technology, Siemens


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Demand: Deeper customer insight  

Siemens and its coalition partners had already been chosen by OYS as the automation partners, but Siemens wanted to get a more thorough insight on their customer. They wanted to locate those specific areas in the challenging field of hospital building, that would benefit from being offered Siemens’ knowledge and modern solutions in diversified ways. The initial building process didn’t provide very efficient possibilities for this, as Siemens took on a bigger role in the process only after the planning period. 

“We felt the need to learn about the hospital’s strategies, connect with the client and offer them customized and new solutions even earlier than requested”, says Ville Stenius, head business manager, on the objectives of the customer experience study.  

Head of Siemens’ hospital technology, Tomi Akiola, is impressed with the broad sampling of the interviews:
“Hearing both from professionals working in the technical field as well as from those working with patients was extremely valuable.” 

Hearing both from professionals working in the technical field as well as from those working with patients was extremely valuable.

Tomi Akiola

Head of Siemen's hospital technology

Solution: A stronger network for deepening cooperation through a customer research study 

Funnel interviewed both people in the hospital management and people leading the building project, all those whose insight was perceived as being crucial for strengthening the cooperation. Here Funnel was able to utilize its strong know-how on hospital industry and decision making. Oulu University Hospital was open to discussing the innovation strategy and its goals and supported the deepening of the partnership. 

“The connections and results gained from the customer experience study have been met with enthusiasm both on our side at Siemens and at OYS”, says Stenius. 

After the study OYS regarded Siemens as an agent combining intelligent construction, intelligent spaces and intelligent health care.   

Siemens’ goal is to not only grow as a business, but also develop intelligent hospital infrastructure to upgrade the experience of health care staff and patients.  

Stenius explains Siemens’ aims:
“Through this cooperation we intend to bring forward relevant factors. Ones that can through technology save time in patient care – make sure the customer buys results, not only technology.” 

“The main goal is not to sell technology but advantage, and to help the customer order advantage when purchasing.”

Feedback: Our active approach was productive  

Siemens praised Funnel for our active approach in interviewing and finding the appropriate interviewees: 

“Funnel succeeded independently in delivering what we agreed on: Setting up and conducting the interviews and collecting information from customers”, says Stenius. 

“Many customers had made huge efforts to find the time for this interview! They had really been motivated in the best possible way when contacted.”  

Akiola highlights the enthusiasm and expertise of the Funnel team:
“The way they worked! This really seemed to be a gratifying project for them: Funnel was genuinely interested in our solutions and conducted the project extremely vigorously and professionally. Fantastic customer service.” 

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