CX Pulse

CX Pulse is a crowdsourcing platform powered by Funnel. With a strong expertise of measuring customer experience within B2B market we recognized a need for a wider benchmark data. This is why we established CX Pulse. The aim is to provide businesses with reliable, real-time information about how different business fields rate customer experience.

Got interested?

Take a five-minute survey  and evaluate the customer or purchasing experience provided by your supplier! Completing the survey gives you a view to the constantly evolving database * with cross-industry insights. These insights give you an opportunity to benchmark others in the same field as well as suppliers from different sectors.

*)The online report is published in May 2019, and continuously updated after that. The responses submitted in March, April and May will create the baseline for the CX benchmark data.

Share your experiences regularly and invite colleagues & business partners do the same. The more respondents we have, the more versatile data and deeper insights we get! Simple as that. 

Joining the CX Pulse Community is free and offers you the following:


  • 24/7 access to up-to-date data about customer experience (published in May and continuously updated thereafter)
  • Possibility to see how others have evaluated suppliers within your industry
  • Possibility to compare how your supplier co-operation works compared to others
  • Regular updates, useful insights and data reports about the CX Pulse