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Making a difference with customer insight 

Funnel is a research and consulting company of B2B market and customer insight. As our customer, we provide you with specific information and insight on your own current and potential customers as well as on the market, networks and ecosystems. 

Our insight and analysis enables customers spot new business opportunities, create or increase competitive advance, differentiate themselves on the market, or build segments and develop services based on their customers’ motives.

B2B Market Research

We help businesses to increase and update their insight on markets and customers. Funnel’s B2B market research’s increase our customers’ expertise and insight on their markets, helps generate sales and marketing content and provide more value to their customers. To research very precise and narrow themes we conduct a B2B market study. For insight on deeper and broader themes, we conduct a B2B market listening.

Expanding and developing B2B accounts

We help B2B account growth by equipping KAMs and sales teams recognize, influence, convince, and stand out among decision makers. We generate valuable customer insight on decision makers and their motives and companies strategic development programs. Our services include B2B customer listening, win/loss analysis, sales training and consulting, and Account Based Insight & Marketing.

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B2B Customer Experience

We offer quality B2B customer experience services by measuring, listening, and combining insight from many fields of business. Based on the insight, we provide high quality reports and consulting. We measure your customer experience continuously to bring you and your customers closer together. We also conduct B2B customer listenings using  qualitative interviews to generate insight on large accounts.


Our passion is to generate insight and use it to develop our customers’ businesses. We train our customers’ sales teams and help them craft and clarify their value propositions and sales messages. We also help design and develop new businesses, processes, and services. We enable our customers competitive advantage and help them stand out in their markets. We also work with networks and ecosystems to serve customers.

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B2B Market Research

We help businesses to increase and update their insight on markets and ustomers. Funnel’s B2B market research’s increase our customers’ expertise and insight on their markets, as well as generate sales and marketing content, and add value to their customers. To research very precise and narrow themes, we conduct a B2B market study. For insight on deeper and broader themes, we conduct a B2B market listening. 

Growing B2B accounts

We help B2B account growth by equipping KAM’s and sales teams to recognize, influence, convince, and stand out among decision makers. We generate valuable customer insight on decision makers and their motives and companies strategic development programs. Our services include B2B customer listening, win/loss analysis, sales training and consulting, and Account Based Insight & Marketing.

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B2B Customer Experience

We offer quality B2B customer experience services by measuring, listening, and combining insight from many fields of business. Based on the insight, we provide high quality reports and consulting. We measure your customer experience continuously to bring you and your customers closer together. We also conduct B2B customer listening, where qualitative interviews help generate insight on large accounts. 

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Our passion is to generate insight and use it to develop our customers’ businesses. We train our customers’ sales teams and help them craft and clarify their value propositions and sales messages. We also help design and develop new businesses, processes, and services. With us, our customers find competitive advantage and stand out in their markets. To serve our customers we also use networks and ecosystems. 

Mika Rautiainen

Mika Rautiainen

CEO, Founder

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Some of our customers

  • Citrus
  • Finanssi-Kontio
  • MediaTailor
  • Metsä Wood
  • MTV
  • Posti
  • Sarlin
  • Steveco
  • Telinekataja
  • Tieto
  • Tradenomiliitto TRAL ry

We have gotten the baseline and now we follow the trends as the metrics are integrated when setting new targets. Overall, the results are shared and widely used in our organisation.

Jani Rissanen

Vice President, Metsä Wood

cASE stories

Cloud security and own know-how stimulate discussion in Finnish and Swedish companies

We conducted a major cloud research for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) partner ecosystem for the third time. The goal was to gain insight into the utilization of cloud services in large and mid-sized companies.

Customer experience study deepens cooperation in building the world’s most intelligent hospital

Siemens provides intelligent building technology as they partner up with OYS in a massive hospital building project. The goal is to gradually build the world’s most intelligent hospital in 2021-2030.

A Novel approach for deepening customer relationships

Long-term co-operation between Tieto and Funnel led to the development of an Account Based Marketing (ABM) model. It was first piloted with one specific customer and later implemented on a wider scope.

Customer Experience as part of KPI’s

Metsä Wood customer experience research with Funnel is an on-going year around process. It supports customer relationship management, sales and business development all at the same time.

Tools for business development and sales message

Funnel has partnered with Finanssi-Kontio helping to define sales structure and processes. They also have strengthened their portfolios and perceived better sales oriented mindset which helps to strengthen customership and generate sales.

Customer listenings support customer work and strategic decisions

Attido’s aim was not only to find out the authentic voice of the customer, but also to implement the project in a way that further deepens and promotes customer relationships. Funnel was selected as a partner, due to its services’ high quality and reliability.