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Funnel helps you increase your sales, enrich customer relationships and develop your B2B business with a customer-centric approach.

We research your market and interview your customers. We search, analyze and interpret information to increase the understanding of your business-specific challenges and solutions.

We help bring customer insight into your leadership, sales and marketing functions.

”Hands-on consultancy and sparring services describe our cooperation best. Funnel’s knowledge in sales area and ability to facilitate discussions around this, helps to bring structure to us.”

– Arie Elshout, Vice President,
Application development & transformation, Finanssi-Kontio Oy –

”It is very characteristic to our industry that the sales projects last for a long time. Now the Client Executive achieved significant commercial successes in just a few months.”

– Minna Ruusuvuori, Vice President,
Sales and Marketing, Attido –

”We have gotten the baseline and now we follow the trends as the metrics are integrated when setting new targets. Overall, the results are shared and widely used in our organisation.”

– Jani Rissanen, Vice President, Customer Experiences,
Metsä Wood –

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  • Arrow
  • Asiakastieto
  • Attido
  • Citrus
  • CA Technologies
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have we asked you for an interview?

We collect information for our studies mainly via telephone interviews. Our studies are related to our customer assignments or our own research.

Measuring Customer Experience

Companies use Customer Experience measuring as a tool to develop their operations and customer satisfaction. We often collect feedback by interviews. Telephone interviews are either short, ten-minute surveys or longer 30-minute conversations. Dialogue with our customer’s customer, i.e. with you, is an important element in improving our client’s customer satisfaction. By participating in our interview, you will therefore be able to develop the services and products offered to you.

Increasing Market Understanding

When launching a new product or targeting services to a new industry, it is important to gain market insight. We interview our customer’s potential customers and conduct market studies on their behalf. Therefore, with your opinion you will be able to influence which new services or products are found on the market in the future.

Funnel’s own studies

At Funnel we continuously pursue to increase our own understanding of the current state of the B2B business environment from different perspectives. Consequently, we conduct a few studies annually focusing on trends and phenomena interesting and topical to us. Summary reports of our studies are available through our website without charge for your own use. For access to more extensive reports, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

For more details please contact

Mika Rautiainen
tel. +358 40 520 0301


Increase your business understanding by asking your customers. We conduct high quality interviews and have recognized expert analysts interpreting research results. Our network has a global reach.






Your goal is to win more B2B deals and increase your sales.

You are aiming to find new customers and new markets but need more understanding regarding who to contact and what approaches to use. From our service portfolio you will find a wide range of services to support you in new customer acquisition.



Your goal is to accelerate sales within your B2B accounts.

You want to better understand your customers’ needs. Your aim is to develop sales performance and business with a customer-centric approach. Let us help you in strengthening your customer relationships.



The knowledge that we acquire for you deepens your customer and market insight. This is the key for you to develop your B2B business in the right direction. We help you with implementing and managing these changes.

With increased customer insight, we help you comprehend new ideas regarding how to develop your business, and we guide you in implementing them into your operations and daily routines.


Surveys, inquiries, studies, research and analysis. Measurement and scorecards.


Your product seems perfect, yet there is still no growth in turnover. New customers do not find your services, and the decision-making process for current customers is challenging to comprehend. By understanding the needs and processes of your customers you will achieve better sales and make your turnover grow.

With your strategic partners the collaboration is very close. Multiple vendor environments and wider ecosystems are widely in use. Leading these ecosystems needs true competence.

Information gathered by us will increase your understanding, enabling you to comprehend which direction you should develop your business. You will better understand your customers, market and own organization, suppliers and strategic partners. We will help you in executing the change and improving your customer experience together with supplier and ecosystem satisfaction.


  • You want to find new customers
  • You want to deepen your current customer relationships
  • You want to understand your market better
  • You want to know the right decision-makers in the customer organization
  • You want to increase sales in your key accounts
  • You want to figure out why you have lost or won important deals
  • You want to manage ecosystems and develop supplier satisfaction


  • Customer experience study
  • Market research
  • Business landscape analysis
  • Decision-making unit map
  • Win & Loss analysis
  • Supplier & Ecosystem insight


Operating model and process renewal. Customized sales support. Account Based Marketing & Insight.

Apply knowledge into practice

With increased customer insight the business development areas will start to crystalize. Executing change requires effort, and sometimes your own resources may not be sufficient. It is important for us that the insights derived from our research will not remain only in reports. The ultimate goal is to transfer insights into practice to develop your business.

We help you overcome challenges, whether they relate to operating model renewal or a specific area requiring development and execution. We coach leadership teams and train specialists to become more customer-centric and sales-oriented.


  • You want to broaden your distribution channels
  • You want to improve sales focus
  • You want help with content creation
  • You want to outsource marketing
  • You want to increase sales with larger and more valuable accounts

  • Training and consulting
  • Operating model renewal
  • Service design
  • Content for sales and marketing needs
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Account Based Insight


Steering group & Consultation. Analytics. Reporting.

STEERING operations

Change is constant. Markets and customers change, and probably also your other partners. This change calls for active operations and vigilance to stay alert. Continuous measurement practices make it easier to keep up with the times. We support you by carrying out regular measurements, interpreting the results and guiding you in targeting actions.

We collaborate closely with our customers’ key stakeholders and/or steering groups. No matter which business unit or function a project is primarily made for, the framework and goals are first carefully defined together. Additionally, the derived results are reported and analyzed first at the steering group level.


  • You want to follow the development of your accounts
  • You want tools to lead the business
  • You want to see the data and outcomes in a visualized and simplified way on an online dashboard
  • You want to take advantage of the research results in practice
  • You need help with prioritizing the research results

  • BI analytics and reporting
  • Steering Group Work and consultation


Account Based Marketing

When you want to strengthen the relationship and increase sales with your key customers.

The information we acquire for you will help you know your customer better. We support you in selecting the themes and targeting your message – to the right decision makers, at the right time, through the right channels. After this, your customers will also know you well.


When you aim to increase sales to your current customers or want to improve customer experience and deepen the customer relationship.

Customer experience research and development can be started off by creating new measurement processes or by developing your existing operating models and tools.


When the goal is to improve your B2B business – gather information from your current and potential customers to know how to proceed.

Whether you are expanding to a new market, renewing your product portfolio, sales functions, marketing content or leadership practices, building market and customer insight will enable you to reach your goals.

Increase your sales with the help of market research.

supplier & ecosystem insight

When you want to create competitive advantage by reserving the best and most innovative suppliers and resources.

Are you aware of what your partner thinks about you as a customer, and how many of your competitors are using the same supplier? Are your employees satisfied with the collaboration?

Supplier satisfaction research will answer these questions.

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ABOUT Funnel

Funnel specializes in measuring and developing B2B customer experience. We increase our customers’ sales and accounts as well as improve leadership functions and operating models.

Our work is based on listening to customers and gathering customer insight – thorough interpretation enables leveraging this acquired knowledge into our customers’ businesses. As a result, our customers receive customized service to match their unique needs.

We mainly operate in the Nordics and Europe, but we are equipped to serve you globally. Our headquarter is located in Helsinki, Finland.

open positions

Are you looking for new challenges? We are always interested in meeting new people who could join our team. Contact us or send an open application to info@funnel.fi.

We are looking for Research Analysts (multiple markets)

As the demand for our  Insight services keeps raising, we are currently looking for new team members to join our international Insight Team. The research projects are handled globally. The projects involve conducting interviews over the telephone, compiling and analyzing data and preparing reports. The work is suitable for business-minded individuals who are fluent in Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian or Swedish and looking for flexible project work, possibly as an additional income. After a thorough introduction, the work can be done independently with flexible schedules.


If you are analytical, thorough and have a good level of verbal and written communication skills, please do not hesitate to apply. To apply, please tell us about yourself by sending your application and CV as soon as possible to mika.rautiainen@funnel.fi

Contact us


Mika Rautiainen
CEO, Founder
tel. +358 40 520 0301